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Culturally, Yoga is not a typical path to follow for someone with my background but when I embarked on a spiritual path I experienced some transformational and life-changing events, one of which was energy Yoga, i.e; Yoga just ‘came’ to me, like a memory, a remembrance…

Previously, I had very little experience of yoga, perhaps attending a handful of classes. The energy yoga really brought me into my body and out of my mind. It was so blissful! It has brought me to this point in my life in a new life, a departure from my old career of 20+ years as a psychiatric nurse to feeling a pull to teach yoga.

I practice Bio-Energy meditation (shaking) which I have done since 2007. I practice daily and I visit the Ratu Bagus ashram in Bali annually to deepen my practice. I ran a shaking meditation group for some years in the UK. Some years back, yoga started to come through in my meditations. That's the only way I can describe it. 

For me yoga is a mind-body-soul-environment all-inclusive experience which resonates with me. With yoga I can feel freedom and space in my body and a clearing and calming of my mind. I feel that it is a gift to teach yoga and my attitude is that I will always be learning. In my previous career as a Nurse, I taught and mentored many students and staff over the years and I found that there is always something to learn regardless of how much experience you have.


My roots are in Hatha yoga from training with Radiant Light Yoga School in Belgium. My own daily yoga practice and my teaching incorporates Hatha asanas alongside my intuition.


I work intuitively with yoga students both on a one-to-one basis and in groups (online and in-person). With my one-to-one yoga sessions, I offer a bespoke, thoughtfully planned practice with mindfulness and for the individual and what s/he needs.

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What I Offer

Yoga for all ages, body shapes and body conditions:

I believe that Yoga is for everyone. There is so much creativity in Yoga as every pose can be modified to the individual’s level whilst still receiving the benefit of the pose. ‘ Any amount of the pose is still the pose.’ As an advocate of Yoga for all, I encourage the use of props which are freely available in one’s home to make Yoga more accessible to people to break the myth that it is only for the fit, flexible and supple amongst us. 

Pregnancy and post-natal yoga:

I work in an intuitive way with the woman to help her feel ease and comfort in her pregnancy and preparation for birth. I use a combination of breath-work, slow gentle relaxing poses and more active, stamina building poses. Being pregnant or post-natal is a natural state. Our bodies have the ability to self-heal, Yoga aids self-healing and restoration of balance in the body. 


Yoga for mental wellbeing and resilience:

My knowledge and experience as a Psychiatric Nurse for 23 years in the NHS really informs my yoga practice, particularly in developing and maintaining mental wellness. I offer a 6 class series on Resilience which is particularly relevant in the current times of Covid that we all live in. I teach this series both one-to-one and to groups.

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