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I felt a calling to become a doula quite recently, especially after a number of friends kept saying “you’d make a great doula”. In fact over the years, friends have said that I’d make a really good mother or I’d be great working with mothers and children. I wanted to be a mother but it hasn’t happened for me following many miscarriages over the years. There was a time when I felt very sad about not bearing children but now I feel like I have come to terms with it and I am able to channel my maternal energy into other things in my life including my daily yoga practice and teaching, and spending time supporting friends with their young children.

I recently supported my young niece emotionally and mentally during her first pregnancy to help her relax more and adapt to all the changes that were going on for her, not only to her body but in her personal circumstances and relationships. She initially felt quite fearful, often wondering whether what was happening to her in her pregnancy was normal. I helped her to learn and practice some simple relaxation techniques, practice meditation and relaxing yoga postures. I generally normalised things for her i.e. that the changes to her body and the emotions she was experiencing were all normal and have a physiological basis. This really helped her to feel more confident about being pregnant and more empowered to make choices based on what she wanted for the birth of her baby.

In my previous career, I was a Mental Health Nurse in the NHS for approximately 23 years, mainly supporting working age adults. Within that, I have worked with mothers and their babies, nursing mums back to good mental health and looking after the babies in a specialist mother and baby unit. I ran a post-natal depression group with a Health Visitor. I have also worked with pregnant women with psychiatric illnesses, depression and anxiety. So I have a good grounding and understanding of how to provide mental health and emotional support to pregnant women and new mothers. As a doula, I bring this wealth of experience and knowledge because I am sensitive to the emotional and mental health needs of pregnant women and new mothers. 

Alongside my natural nurturing instinct, I am very practical and organised. I am client-centred and well-versed in offering individualised support. I’m good listener and facilitator to enable you to make informed decisions about your care and support. I work using evidence-based practice and I will offer you a variety of resources to help you with every aspect of your pregnancy and birthing journey.

I have practised meditation and yoga for 15 years and I qualified as a Hatha Yoga teacher last year. I teach online and 1-1 yoga sessions and I offer the option of pregnancy, birth preparation and post-natal yoga sessions as part of my doula services.

As a doula, I am a support person, alongside your birth partner (if you decide to have one). I am a facilitator, someone who’s just there for you, beside you on your unique journey to motherhood, to hold your hand, to encourage you, to empower you to have a good pregnancy and birth experience, even when it may take a turn that you don’t want it to take, because that’s possible but there are always choices, and I’m there to remind you of that, of your power to choose.

What I Offer

I am a trained Birth and Postnatal Doula with BirthBliss Academy. You can choose to have my support as either a Birth Doula, a Postnatal Doula or both.


Pregnancy Bundle £850 comprises :

  • Initial free meeting to get to know each other and to ensure we are a good match.

  • 2 ante-natal sessions, they last up to 2 hours each. 1st session around pregnancy week 24-28 week and 2nd session around week 34-38.

  • On-call support from week 38 until week 42.

Pregnancy Bundle with yoga:

  • Option 1 -  4 (1.5 hour) weekly 1-1 yoga sessions for mum-to-be’s wellbeing and birth preparation. £950.

  • Option 2 -  6 (1.5 hour) weekly 1-1 yoga sessions for mum-to-be’s wellbeing and birth preparation £1000.


Birth Bundle:

£1000 Attendance and support during the birth of your baby in your home or hospital, whichever you have chosen. No time limits. I would love to be there for the birth of your baby if you have asked me to be present. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise or sometimes there may be an event that I need to attend so I may not be able to attend the birth. In such instances, I will arrange a the back up doula to attend. This will all be discussed with you beforehand to ensure that you feel safe and supported.


Post-Natal Support or Bundle:

£25 per hour up to 3 months + travel expenses or agreed weekly hours at a discounted rate for an agreed period of time up to 3 months post-birth + travel expenses. This meeting will be a birth completion session and to give you time and space how you experienced your baby’s birth and any questions or concerns you may have. I will listen and support you with your initial baby feeding if you need it. This session should last between 1-1.5 hours.

Qualified Organic skincare formulator:

Individualised specific lotions and potions can be made upon request for specific skin conditions e.g. stretch marks, cradle cap or just for self-pampering!


For an free initial meet and chat to see if we are a good match for each other. I can send you my Zoom link when you get in touch and we arrange a suitable time.



A non-refundable 50% deposit paid within 7 days after the first initial meeting and contract is signed.

The other 50% to be paid 2 weeks before baby’s due date. This is non-refundable once the contract is signed unless I am unable to attend the birth due to illness, accident or other unforeseen circumstances.

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