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Embodiment & Transformation Coaching

Becoming an Embodiment and Transformation Coach has been a natural progression for me on my journey of self-discovery and in helping others. I was a Mental Health Nurse for 20 years and I worked for a Women's charity supporting women to recover from alcohol and drug addiction. I am a trained doula and yoga teacher. I came to the realisation that I've been coaching and mentoring all these years in different ways, so why not just become a coach and integrate everything that I love doing?


My approach:


Embodiment - this is our lived and felt experience through the sensations of our body, not just through our 5 senses but our sixth sense which is our 'gut feeling', our intuition scientifically described as the second brain. Being embodied enhances resilience, awareness, connection and wellbeing. As adults, we can often be disassociated from our bodies, we've forgotten that we entered the world as babies, fully embodied. It’s all still there, it just needs to be reawakened. 


Transformation is a process, a journey where awareness, alignment and action work together to create energy and impetus for change to occur in one's life. Transformational coaching enables you to be actively held and supported in exploring all possibilities and in making long lasting positive change.


Embodiment and transformation coaching is a powerful approach in enabling life changing outcomes.


My specialisms:

  • Mental health and wellbeing - over two decades experience as a Mental Health Nurse

  • Women's wellbeing - womb wisdom, clearing, strengthening of yoni energy shakti

  • Shadow work – exploring and working with our unwelcome ‘guests’ *find yoga course quote*

  • Meditation practice - over 16 years of a daily spritual bio- energy shaking mediation practice.

  • Yoga - Qualified yoga teacher Hatha and Kundalini based yoga.

  • Mudras - Spiritually symbolic hand gestures used in meditation with a variety of purposes, to enable embodiment.

  • Trauma informed trained - over 2 decades experience of working in this approach.

What would a session entail?


Opening and closing breathwork exercises using simple yoga asanas and mudras to invite, open, close and ground respectively. In between, the embodiment practice, I will facilitate what you wish to discuss and explore. As I work intuitively, I will suggest suitable approaches and tools that may be helpful to you, such as guided meditation or visualisation.

All sessions will be led by you of course, I'd facilitate a space where what you feel is important to explore, I will support you in identifying key themes to explore. 




1 x session 1 hour £80 in-person or online + a 20 minute follow up call/voxer within the 2 days following the session – A session to explore and create space to explore making the changes you want in your life.


1 x intensive session 90 mins £120 in-person or online + a 30 minute follow up call/voxer within the 3 days following the session– a deep dive into blocks and making breakthroughs and springboarding you into moving forward.


3 x 1 hour session package £220 inperson or online + a 20 minute follow up call/voxer after the first 2 sessions, after 3rd session a 30 minute follow up call/voxer up to 3 days after– A combination of the above and the 3rd session would be the rounding up and review. Recommended to have the first 2 sessions 2 weeks apart and the 3rd session after.


6 x session package (6 sessions for the cost of 5) £400.


If you are on low income and would like to have coaching sessions with me, please get in touch to discuss what may be possible. Coaching is a vocation for me as well as an income to support myself. I want to be inclusive to helping women who truly could benefit from this support without feeling penalised because they can't afford it.

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