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Meet Samina

I always wanted to be of service to others, to those in need and vulnerable in society, so it's no surprise that I ended up working as a Mental Health Nurse for over 20 years in the NHS. I loved being a nurse, but after some years, I experienced emotional and mental 'burnout' as I had not been taking care of myself, in fact I realised that I didn't really know how to. My upbringing had taught me to always put others first. It felt so ingrained in me, an automatic reflex, but it was ultimately costing me my health. In 2018, my personal circumstances gave me the opportunity to leave nursing and to move to another country, which is when my healing journey deepened in earnest, and where I completed my formal yoga teacher training.

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Since 2007, I have had a dedicated daily yoga meditation practice which has helped me to learn a great deal about myself, about self-care and self-love. My spritual home is an ashram in Bali where I experienced yoga during meditations, and where I go to regularly to deepen my meditation and yoga practice. I have also been organising and holding meditation groups and retreats for the last 17 years in the UK and in Europe. 


On my return to the UK in 2021, I followed my intuition and trained as a birth and post-natal doula. I had no particular plan at the time to become a doula, but I felt guided to do it as another expression of who I am and what I can bring to others.  It also helped me to process and heal my relationship with my own birth experience, my relationship with my mother and in releasing attachment and grief about not being able to have children myself. 

Throughout my life, I have coached and mentored many individuals in various ways, supporting and enabling them to grow, to transform into more of their authentic selves. However, it never crossed my mind that I was actually coaching, until another coach said it to me. It was a lightbulb moment for me. It was so obvious! How could I have missed that? 


This has led me to really appreciate and feel into my own worth and value as a person. My life journey has not been an easy one, but each experience has enriched me, and made me who I am. I work intuitively with individuals, with an array of 'tools' gathered over the years, and which I am continually adding to each day, from a chance conversation with a stranger at the bus stop, a youtube video on presence or through self-reflection.


'We are all teachers for each other, and the ultimate teacher is your own good self!'

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