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I feel that it is a gift to teach yoga and my belief is that yoga is for everyone regardless of ages, gender, body shapes and body conditions – I believe that Yoga is for everyone. There is so much creativity in Yoga as every pose can be modified to the individual’s level, whilst still receiving the benefit of the pose. ‘ Any amount of the pose is still the pose.’ I teach Yoga in a way that makes it accessible to anyone. It is a myth that it is only for the most fit, flexible and supple amongst us.

My roots lie in Hatha and Kundalini yoga, intensive bio-energy meditation and mudra yoga. My career experience as a Mental Health Nurse for 23 years in the NHS informs my yoga practice, particularly in nurturing emotional and mental wellbeing and in building resilience. My practice is grounded in a trauma informed approach. 


Back story:

In my early 30's, my friend, who was a yoga enthusiast, persuaded me to go to a few classes with her. I'd never done yoga before and I found it really challenging, not because the poses were difficult, but because I didn't like focusing on my breathing or my body! So I decided that it wasn't for me. I realised later that I was quite dissociated from my body through trauma experiences in my earlier years. A few years later, I was in an ashram in Bali, and it is there where I experienced an 'awakening' of yoga during meditation. It was like my body knew yoga and my memory of it had woken up. I was in a more open-minded and open-hearted space at the time. Then yoga became an essential part of my life, just like breathing. This led me to formally train as a yoga teacher at the Radiant Light Yoga School in Belgium. 



A mudra is a gesture or seal used in yoga. The practice of these gestures and seals channel the flow of prana life force. There are many mudras. 

When a specific mudra is used for a specific purpose, it can help restore the balance of the five elements of the body using prana. 

The fingers represent, accordingly, each element: 

  1. The Thumb - represents the fire element 

  2. The Index finger - represents the air element 

  3. The Middle finger - represents the space element 

  4. The Ring finger - represents the earth element 

  5. The Pinky finger - represents the water element  

  6. Mudras function as a unifying force to bring together and balance the body through the hands.

  7. As we have two hands, so do we have two sides of the body; solar energy on the right side and lunar energy on the left side. In meditation and yoga practice to enhance focus and help direct our awareness inwards. Add *Chakra mudras* guide.

Yoga offerings:

I teach 1-1 sessions which are tailor-made to the individual and also group classes. All levels. No experience in yoga needed. Please get in touch via my contact details below if you're interested in joining one of my local classes or for booking 1-1 sessions. I offer flexible packages including a sliding fees scale for those on lower incomes. 

What I Offer

Yoga for all ages, body shapes and body conditions:

I believe that Yoga is for everyone. There is so much creativity in Yoga as every pose can be modified to the individual’s level whilst still receiving the benefit of the pose. ‘ Any amount of the pose is still the pose.’ As an advocate of Yoga for all, I encourage the use of props which are freely available in one’s home to make Yoga more accessible to people to break the myth that it is only for the fit, flexible and supple amongst us. 

Pregnancy and post-natal yoga:

I work in an intuitive way with the woman to help her feel ease and comfort in her pregnancy and preparation for birth. I use a combination of breath-work, slow gentle relaxing poses and more active, stamina building poses. Being pregnant or post-natal is a natural state. Our bodies have the ability to self-heal, Yoga aids self-healing and restoration of balance in the body. 


Yoga for mental wellbeing and resilience:

My knowledge and experience as a Psychiatric Nurse for 23 years in the NHS really informs my yoga practice, particularly in developing and maintaining emotional and mental wellness and resilience. 

Local weekly classes in Shoreham-on-Sea


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